Xa-Miner Getting Started Guide
The Xa-Miner is the most accessible way to become an ScPrime storage provider. As a new provider it is recommended you read through the Storage Provider Introduction and Provider Requirements pages.
Note: You do not access the Xa-Miner directly by plugging a monitor, mouse or keyboard into it. You might never need to access your Xa-Miner directly, as nearly everything can be handled from the web interface. Users will only need to access the device directly when they need tech support for the unit.

Getting Started

Once your Xa-Miner is out of the box, your first steps will be to plug in an ethernet cable to port 1 (see arrow above) and plug the power adapter in.
Depending on which motherboard is installed, you may see a different backplate. The main difference will be where the DC power input is located (left vs right) and whether the display connection is HDMI or DisplayPort.
You will then turn on the unit by pressing the power button.
The Xa-Miner is a fairly plug and play device. However, there are a few ‘technical’ steps that need to be undertaken now that the device is powered up and connected to the internet.

Connecting & Port-Forward

After powering on, you will need to locate your Xa-Miner's local IP and initiate a port forward to it. These steps are covered in depth on our dedicated Port Forward guide.

Setting up your Xa-Miner

From a phone, tablet or computer enter your Xa-Miner’s IP address in your browser. You will see the screen above. After you ‘click’ to continue, there could be a short delay as your unit will sync with the blockchain.
A new ScPrime wallet is generated on the device for you. Please make sure you write down the seed that is provided. You can also download the seed to your local disk in a PDF format.
Enter your email to receive notifications and to register your device.
Now you will set your port numbers. If this is your first Xa-Miner, you will use the default ports of 4282, 4283 and 4285 that you forwarded in the previous steps. If you have multiple Xa-Miners (or other host instances), you will have to choose different port numbers.
When done setting the ports, we are presented with a review. This is done to allow you to make sure you entered the correct email and ports. Be sure to take a quick moment to review these settings before hitting submit. When ready, submit to register your device.
It may take up to 1 minute before it forwards you to the main dashboard.


After finishing the initial config, a 1SCP transaction should hit your wallet to Announce the provider to the network. Be sure to see the Post-Announce guide as well.
As a storage provider, your device will require some initial funding to cover collateral and gain contracts. See the dedicated Collateral page, and keep in mind many Xa-Miners will come with some SCP to get you started.
After the provider announcement becomes included in a mined block, the first installment of the Xa-Miner rebate will be sent to the wallet. These funds should stay in the wallet as they are required to build collateral for storage contracts.
If your unit did not qualify for a Rebate, you will need to send funds to the address on the Xa-Miner main screen for collateral.

Xa-Miner Dashboard

The first tab of the Xa-Miner dashboard is the financials screen. There you can see all relevant financial information about your device.
Wallet- This box displays the balance of your ScPrime wallet both in SCP and KSCP (if above 999 SCP balance) and your preferred currency. You can also withdraw SCP from the wallet using the 'Send' function as well as see your wallet's address, if you want to send SCP to Xa-Miner.
Contracts- This box will show how many active and successful contracts your unit has. Below that it shows how much collateral in SCP that you have locked up. Risked collateral is locked up SCP that you stand to lose (if you don't honor the storage contracts) based on the amount of data your Xa-Miner has uploaded to it.
Income- How much expected income your Xa-Miner is set to receive from current active contracts along with what was earned the previous month and all time.
Rebate Calendar- If your Xa-Miner came with a rebate, this box will show the payment schedule.
Transactions- This box will show all transactions to and from your Xa-Miner's wallet.
The last box of note on this tab will show the status of the Xa-Miner, if it's synced with the blockchain, your versions and serial number, and the email you have registered to the device. You will also see the ports assigned to this Xa-Miner. If you are ever needing to change the ports on your device, you simply click on the numbers to access a new screen.
Adjust the ports as needed and then click on 'Update Ports'.
The Stats tab will show all the relevant technical data about your unit's operation. Along the top you will see if the Xa-Miner is online, your uptime, whether the it's accepting contracts and the last time it was scanned by the network. Other tabs are self explanatory, such as storage by disk, disk temperatures, etc.
Incentives- You will want to ensure all 4 incentive boxes are green, as shown above. This will ensure you are in line with project guidelines and able to receive your full incentive payment. Normally this won't be an issue as the Xa-Miner automatically follows these guidelines. Below that, we have your actual incentive earnings in SCP for both last month and the current month so far.
Contract Properties- This is the contract pricing and settings of the Xa-Miner. This is also automatic, so you won't need to adjust anything there. The Xa-Miner will always charge maximum price.
The settings tab allows you to adjust your upload and download prices. This price setting was left for the Xa-Miner owner to set as it's based on your upload/download limits with your ISP. Visit the Settings page for more information on what these settings represent, and some reasonable values.
At the bottom of the tab you can adjust the Xa-Miner to display your preferred type of fiat.
The final tab is for Support. The top two buttons are to access official support as well as this guide. The bottom two buttons should most likely only be used when ScPrime tech support advises you to use them.

Things to know

A few final points about the Xa-Miner.
  • The Xa-Miner contract pricing is automatic. It will always charge maximum price.
  • As mentioned above, you do not need to plug anything into the unit besides an ethernet cable and power adapter. The unit is accessed via a Web UI through your PC, phone or tablet’s browser.
  • Drive drawers should only be removed in case of tech support recommendation or clear failure from the stats pages. Drives are ordered vertically (Drive 1–4 from the top). If you change out the drives you may lose any rebates available to you and may also void the warranty.
  • Front USB ports are inactive, rear are functional. The system has a backup to USB function for metadata. In normal operation, the folder is being backed up on the system drive with snapshots. It is not redundant but provides a copy in case of file corruption. We’ll add redundancy later on.
  • PSU is compatible in North America, LatAm, EU and perhaps others. You may need an adapter for the local plugs.
  • There are no user serviceable parts, all repairs must be performed at our facilities.
  • To setup a monitor to get alerts if your Xa-Miner goes offline, read this guide.
If you have any further questions or concerns please look first through the docs, and then consider posting in the #support-xa-miner channel in the ScPrime Discord.
updated 8/8/22 v1.32