Xa-Miner Quick Start - A 'one pager' quick start guide to get your Xa-Miner online.
Xa-Miner Setup Guide - A deeper step-by-step guide on setting up your Xa-Miner device.
Learn about all the features within the Xa-Miner User Interface.

Learn how to setup a monitor for your Xa-Miner using Uptime Robot.

Understand how Xa-Miner rebates work as well as the rebate schedule for Batch 2 Xa-Miners.

If you still need help with your storage provider instance, visit the community Discord. Please post in the appropriate channel.
#xa-miner - For general questions about the Xa-Miner. Not for technical support.
#xa-miner-support - For all Xa-Miner technical support issues.
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