Manual Update to 1.7 (UI Users)

12/15/21 v1.01
The ScPrime network is running 1.6.0 of its software. That version is only available at this time with our CLI (Command Line Interface) version. While you can still setup a provider with the UI, you will need to manually update your daemon (spd.exe) afterwards to be able to participate on the ScPrime network as a Storage Provider.
To begin the process of updating to version 1.7, go to the software page on the ScPrime website and download the Command Line 1.7.0 file. Unzip this file and you should have an spd.exe and an spc.exe file.
Important note: You need to shut down the daemon (spd.exe) before updating. Best way to ensure that spd.exe and spc.exe are closed, is by 'killing' them in the Task Manager by finding them in the list and clicking End Task.
Once the daemon is closed you need to locate where the files are on your computer. The most common places to look when using the UI are;
Once found, simply copy and paste the new files over the old ones and overwrite. You can then fire up the UI again.