Grafana Provider Status Messages

A user’s Grafana provider page has always displayed their online/offline status along with metrics around total storage capacity, used data and uptime. More intelligent status and configuration issues are being added to indicate to users of issues which would have taken some in depth troubleshooting or support requests previously. This guide will help you resolve these issues without needing to engage with the Support Team.
These are displayed in the Provider Status panel, on the left side of a provider page as below highlighted in red:
The panel contains 3 sections (note Xa-Miner owners will only see 2 sections as the Settings are all automatic). They are as follows:


This section displays issues relating to connecting to the provider.

Unable to connect to provider on this address

Typically connection errors will be this issue:
This will likely mean your provider is also Offline as the network scanners have been unable to get a response from the provider on the IP or DNS name plus the hosting port. More info on the failed scan can be found in the Last Scan Details panel:
A ‘Connect to ….. timed out’ could mean the IP address wasn’t reachable at all (internet service down at the user’s premises for example), a port forwarding issue on the user’s router or the provider PC / Xa-Miner was down.


This section displays issues with a provider’s configuration. The current issues include:

Blockchain not synchronized

This issue indicates that there is an issue with the consensus.db file which is a provider’s copy of the blockchain and should always be in sync with the network. The above message indicates that the local copy on the provider is not in sync and likely needs manual intervention to rectify.
For Xa-Miner’s (including those running the Full License software), navigate to the Support page in the Xa-Miner UI and click on the Redownload button. This will download a new copy of the blockchain and should resolve the issue. Check back on the Stats page about an hour later to ensure the error has cleared.
For DIY providers with Basic Licenses, the process involves stopping spd, finding the consensus.db and transactionpool.db files in your metadata, delete them and then start up spd again using the same command you normally do. The blockchain will then need to resync and the transaction pool needs to rebuild so starting up may take some time depending on the speed of the provider and internet speed.

Outdated SPD version

If a provider is running an outdated version of spd, this will be highlighted here as in this example below:
This message should only be seen by DIY providers as Xa-Miners automatically update themselves to the latest versions. The action for a user seeing this is to update their spd version using the relevant upgrade guide for their provider:

HTTP Port (4285) error

This error is typically seen when setting up a new provider after the very first scan (within 30 minutes or so of first announcing). In this case it’s normal and expected and not something the user needs to act upon, after the 2nd scan 30 minutes or so later it will clear. If it’s seen after a provider has been up for a period of time, then it will typically point to a port forwarding issue on just port 4285 with port 4282 working fine (assuming default ports). This can be checked with a port scan at, entering your public IP address and scanning ports 4280 to 4285 (again assuming using default ports). If 4282 shows as open but 4285 is filtered or closed this confirms a port forwarding issue on the router which should be investigated.

API Port (4283) error

Similar to the HTTP port error above, should port 4283 not be forwarded correctly but 4282 is forwarded and open, the error below can be seen. Similar steps should be taken to remedy this in terms of checking the port forwarding setup on the router.

Not accepting contracts

This error can sometimes be seen if a provider has been rebooted and it was scanned between being back online and the wallet being unlocked. If this is the case, the next scan will clear this message. Alternatively this error could be seen simply because the user has set ‘acceptingcontracts’ to false. If this error is seen for over an hour, then it could indicate that the wallet is not unlocked and needs unlocking with the 'spc wallet unlock' command.

Capacity offered is below incentives minimum

To qualify for incentives from the SCP Corp, a minimum total storage space of 500GB must be offered. If the total storage is below 500GB in total the below message will be seen. To fix this, add more storage to the provider.


This section displays issues with a provider’s settings. The current issues include:

Collateral Price

If the collateral price per TB per month is set lower than the storage price per TB per month, then the following error will be shown:
To fix this increase the collateral price using:
spc host config collateral <AMOUNT>SCP
To make it equal or more than the current minstorage price.

Storage price out of incentives range

If the storage pricing is set to above $4 / TB / month in SCP then the following message will be shown. Xa-Miners and Full License Software DIY providers have auto-pricing built in which should automatically keep the price below the $4 mark. For Basic license providers, use the CLI command ‘spc host config minstorageprice <PRICE>SCP’ and set to a value below $4 in SCP.

Maxcollateral low

If the provider's maxcollateral setting is too low for the amount of data stored and for a contract renewal, this can cause the contract renewal to fail and the data to be removed from the provider. The maxcollateral setting is the lower value of the maxcollateral and the wallet confirmed balance. So for example if maxcollateral is set to 100SCP but the wallet has only 20SCP, then maxcollateral will be 20SCP. Note that at contract renewal, the provider needs to lock up the collateral for the next contract period before the collateral from the previous contract is returned. Therefore the wallet needs to have enough collateral to cover the size of the largest storage folder x collateral price per TB x 2. Solution is to either add more SCP to the provider wallet or increase the maxcollateral setting using:
spc host config maxcollateral <AMOUNT>SCP

Low contract duration

Contracts formed by the SCP Corp contracter are today always 4 weeks in duration (this could change in the future). By default a provider is set to accept contracts up to 9 weeks in duration but reject any contracts longer than that. If a provider is set to only accept contracts shorter than 4 weeks then they will not be able to accept contracts from SCP Corp. and will therefore either get no data or if the setting is changed while the provider has an active contract and used data, it will not accept the new contract and drop the existing used data. Providers should not set a max duration for contracts to less than 4 weeks and ideally just leave it set at the default 9 weeks.

Storage price set to zero

The storage price per TB per month should be set to a value > 0SCP. To fix this, either use the command 'spc host config minstorageprice <PRICE>SCP' to set a fixed amount or install supervisor lite to set the price automatically. Supervisor lite installation guides can be found in the Storage Provider Setup section of