Drive Compression (Windows based providers)

Over the course of building out the ScPrime network, the tech support team has noticed that Storage Providers running on Windows can see extremely long waits while their storage folders are initialized. One possible work around is to compress the folders where you are storing your ScPrime data. This can reduce the wait time dramatically.
You have to ensure the drive where you are keeping your ScPrime folders has the proper file system and layout. It will most likely either be NTFS or exFat. It’s very common for external drives to be exFAT. In order to be able to compress a folder, the hard drive must be NTFS and the partition style must be GPT. If the drive is not NTFS, you will have to format it. Also if the partition style is not GPT, you will have to delete the drive's partition and create a new one. The file system is easy to find out on the general information tab of the drive, as shown above.
To confirm your layout is GPT, find Create and format hard disk partitions by using Window's search. In the Disk Management page, right click on the Disk you are using for ScPrime and then click on Properties. If you then click on the Volumes tab, you will see the partition style. Ensure that it is GUID Partition Table.
To format a drive, you will want to find it in Windows Explorer and right click on it. Select ‘Format’ from the drop down menu. You will want to set the File system to NFTS and be sure to set the Allocation unit size to a number less than 8192, or compression won’t be available.
Once the formatting is complete, you will want to create your storage folder (as described in the Storage Provider guide). You will then right click on the the folder and click ‘Properties’ from the drop down menu. In the Properties menu you will then want to click on ‘Advanced’.
In the Advanced menu, you will want to tick ‘Compress contents to save disk space’ and the click ok. Once the folder is compressed you will continue to add folders to your instance. What could normally take hours or days, should be a lot quicker now.
updated 1/17/22 v1.22