Provider Settings

Storage providers will have to choose some settings during their initial config (and beyond). It may not always be clear which values to pick, or what they even represent. This page has you covered.
These guidelines will be updated regularly to reflect changes as the network grows and evolves. The recommended settings will put you on the best path to qualify for bonus Incentive payments, which can help boost your provider's income.
Be sure to return to this page every so often to ensure your provider is performing its best.

Current Recommended Pricing

To qualify for incentives, the current guidelines are:
  • Minimum storage offered — 500 GB
  • Storage pricing — The current pricing goal is $4.00 USD per TB/mo. A storage provider should use an SCP value close to that, based on current SCP market price. Use this pricing overview page to determine what SCP value you should use. Example: If the current price of SCP is $0.25 USD, then the max your storage price should be is 16 SCP.
  • Collateral — at least 1x storage price (meaning equal to the storage price you choose or higher)
Beyond the above incentive guidelines, the following basic settings are considered reasonable ranges, but are up to your discretion:
  • Max Duration — 8 to 16 weeks
  • Download/Upload Price — 1 SCP/TB

Advanced Settings & CLI

The following options exist for every kind of provider, but are set/changed through CLI or UI terminal window. You can always review your settings with spc host -v or see all the settings options with spc host config -h
  • maxcollateral - This setting is the maximum amount of SCP that can be locked into a single contract. It is recommended to fully collateralize your provider based on the total storage available and today's storage pricing. This can be calculated using the following formula - Storage price x Total storage in TB x 2. For example if the storage price is set to 15SCP and you have 20TB total storage then you would set maxcollateral to 600SCP. Note if you have less than 600SCP in your wallet then it will be set to that value so it's important to have at least enough SCP in your provider wallet to cover the maxcollateral value. Setting this too low can result in contract renewals failing and data previously stored being removed from the provider.
    • spc host config maxcollateral 600SCP
  • collateralbudget — The total amount of SCP from your wallet that can be locked up in contracts at any time. It is recommend to set this to a large number, say 1KS (1000 SCP). Choosing a number larger than your balance will in effect be capped to your balance instead.
    • spc host config collateralbudget 1KS
  • minstorageprice — This is the formal term for the Storage Price covered in the first section. This represents the price of rent per TB per month. The recommended setting can be found above. Below is only an example!
    • spc host config minstorageprice 10SCP
  • collateral — This is the formal term for the Collateral Price covered in the first section. This setting represents the price of collateral per TB per month. The recommended setting can be found higher on the page.
    • spc host config collateral 15SCP
  • mindownloadbandwidthprice and minuploadbandwidthprice — Formal terms for the price of bandwidth, also from the first section. They don't need to match each other. If your internet plan is slower or has data caps, you may consider having a higher bandwidth price.
    • spc host config mindownloadbandwidthprice 1SCP
    • Note: to set download bandwidth price below 1SCP it is required to first lower the minsectoraccessprice below its default value of 400nS.
  • maxduration — Formal term for the Maximum Duration covered in the first section. This represents the longest period for a contract you're willing to accept. The recommended setting can be found higher on the page. Duration is typically set in weeks (w).
    • spc host config maxduration 9w
updated 9/1/22 v2.06