Post-Announce Guide

To reach here it is assumed your provider seems to be fully functioning after announcing to the network. This guide will cover what comes next.

Locating Dashboard

After your provider announces to the network it should be included in a block before too long. Blocks average 10 minutes in length, but block mining is a highly random process and there may be periods where this duration extends to 30 minutes or more. You can keep an eye on these in the block explorer. After becoming included in a block your provider will be picked up in the next provider scan on the ScPrime Grafana resource. Scans run periodically, typically every 15-30 mins. Search for your provider’s address using the filter symbol next to the Announced Address column. Once you’ve found your provider, click the address to view the dashboard.
Consider bookmarking/favouriting your Grafana dashboard as it is a convenient way to check in on your provider. If everything looks good on this page, with no warnings and full incentives qualification, congratulations on deploying your provider!
Before too long your provider should get its first contract, though data may be slower to build on a new provider. As your provider earns a good reputation for itself by staying stable and available, usage should begin to tick upward more steadily.
DIYers can view some information about contracts as they roll in with spc host contracts which will output a list with info and hashes that can be searched in the block explorer. Xa-Miners will have their own web-UI presentation for this data.

Apply your License

You will not receive any data from ScPrime sources without a license. To apply your license to your provider instance, follow these steps;
  • Create an account if you haven't already. Make sure your account email matches the billing email of your license purchase on the Xa-Miner website.
  • Once signed in, navigate to the Licenses page listed on the left of the Console
  • The system will find your license if you correctly entered the email you used to purchase.
  • Begin entering your Provider ID. It requires 3 characters for auto suggest to find it, or you can paste the whole string.
  • Once your enter your Provider ID, verify the details are correct and continue on.
To learn more about licensing on the ScPrime network, read the FAQ.


Choosing to become a provider isn’t zero-maintenance; you have responsibilities to keep it in working order, and the buck ultimately stops with you. Please stay up to date with recommended practices and settings. Future ScPrime software updates are likely to contain substantial improvements, and may at times be required to continue on the network; keep an ear out for new releases and don’t drag your feet upgrading. Xa-Miner providers have almost all of this maintenance fully automated, but are still expected to check in and make sure their providers are running properly.
Consider enrolling your provider with Uptime Robot, covered in a guide here. You should receive notifications if your provider becomes offline, giving you time to act before downtime builds.
Should you eventually wish to decommission your provider, the graceful exit is to go passive and stop accepting new contracts. For DIY providers this command looks like spc host config acceptingcontracts false, after which you would wait for all the existing contracts to expire (with collateral + rent returned). This may take up to the “maxduration” setting chosen earlier by your provider.
If your external IP address changes, you will need to re-announce your provider with the new one. This will preserve all of your existing contracts and settings, and just lets the rest of the network know where to find you now. If your internal/local IP address changes, you will probably need to update your port forward rule in your router to point to the new internal/local IP instead.

Seeking Help

Should you ever have questions about a specific aspect of providing, or your provider runs in to issues, it is strongly recommended to look through the Community FAQ first. Support channels exist on the ScPrime Discord server, but know that support is graciously given by community members and you are expected to respect their time and their decision to help or not help you. You are also likely be poked at if you ask a question and the answer was already in the docs, so really do look through them first.
Assuming you’ve followed the guide here from the start, all the essential components should now have been covered for your new storage provider. It is all our wishes here at ScPrime that your provider might bring stable long-term returns, that your uptime be golden-yellow, and that you have the foundation in place to understand what’s going on and keep things performing their best.
If you have any ideas or contributions to these docs we would be happy to hear from you; it is our vision that these docs be a high quality go-to resource for any and all information about the project. Contact a “Community Manager” role on the Discord server, or pitch your suggestion in one of the support channels.
updated 9/9/22 v1.02