Storage Provider Setup

Step 1 - Choose Your Operating System

Windows Setup - Uses just the ScPrime CLI to setup a provider instance on Windows. Familiarize yourself with the Windows CLI here before starting.
Linux Setup - Uses the ScPrime CLI to setup a provider instances on Linux. Familiarize yourself with the Linux CLI here before starting.
Synology/Docker Setup - A guide for setting up a provider instance on the Synology/Docker platform.
Read the Post Announce Guide to learn how to find your provider on the network panel as well as how to maintain your provider instance.
Read the Provider Settings document to confirm your provider instance's settings are up to date.
This step is for Storage Providers running Linux and with the Full License upgrade only. A Windows version will be available soon. If you only have the Basic License, follow the instructions in the License FAQ to apply it to your provider instance.

Step 5 - Setup Uptime Robot

Read the Uptime Robot Guide to learn how to setup a monitor for your provider instance on Uptime Robot. Uptime Robot will alert you if your provider instance goes down/offline, which can save you from having unneeded downtime.

Step 5 - Still Need Help?

If you still need help with your storage provider instance, visit the community Discord. Please post in the appropriate channel.
#support-win-linux - For Windows and Linux users
#support-other - For any other hosting platform