Storage Provider Setup
The backbone of the ScPrime network are everyday Storage Providers. Providers offer up their unused hard drive space to paying renters. Storage Providers earn passive income while helping build the Distributed Datacenter.‌
Before rushing to become a provider, take the time to educate yourself on the unique dynamics of the distributed datacenter. Remember this is a marathon, not a sprint, and taking time to learn first is vastly more important than hurrying to deploy a provider is.

Firstly, what do providers actually store?

Before a file ever reaches a provider’s drives, it is first encrypted and broken into many shards through a process called erasure coding. Erasure codes enable redundancy across many providers, allowing file access even while some providers may be offline. Renters form smart-contracts with providers to store these encrypted shards and ensure availability and integrity of the data entrusted to them.

Who are these renters?

The primary force behind the ScPrime network is also driving Xa-Net Services, a cloud data services company that provides enterprise-grade renter infrastructure for its customers. Enterprises, cloud/managed service providers, or anyone else already using cloud infrastructure for their work and data flows can integrate with just the swap of a URL to begin using the distributed cloud.

What happens if illegal content is uploaded?

Xa-Net Services intends to cooperate fully with law enforcement on such matters. Terms of use for the network are agreed to during onboarding, violators of which will be warned and/or services terminated.

Can I store my own data?

While there is an open-source renter available for use, this is not the one that has had the focus of development from the ScPrime team. Access to the much more fully featured enterprise renter is through Xa-Net Services, which is happy to discuss how the distributed cloud can fit your needs.

Why become a provider?

Since different data has different needs, there is a place for almost any type of provider profile on the network. Becoming a provider allows for participation in the lucrative cloud data market which has been traditionally reserved for industry players. If you can house a provider with good up time and availability (i.e. reasonably stable power & internet), you can join and earn.

How can I get started?

Reading through and understanding these docs is the first step in any provider-to-be’s journey. If you have access to fairly stable power and internet lines, head to the Getting Started section to learn more about choosing appropriate hardware, port forward, collateral and if providing is a viable option for your network.
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