Wallet Sweep

The ScPrime Command Line Interface (CLI) software has a feature that allows you to remove, or 'sweep' funds, from a wallet that you have a seed for, into another wallet. This can be useful if you are wanting to consolidate your SCP into a new wallet or for quickly getting your SCP and/or SPF out of a wallet, if you believe it to be compromised.
Before you can use this feature, you will need to have the ScPrime CLI software installed on your computer. You can learn how to do that using these guides for Windows and Linux.
To sweep a wallet, start by firing up the daemon. Ensure you are using the wallet you want to sweep funds into. You won't need the renter so use the the following syntax.
spd.exe -M gctwh
Next in a new command window, run spc wallet unlock. You will be prompted for a password. It will either be the current wallet's seed or a password you set. Please note that the password will not display on the command line when you type or copy/paste it.
Now run spc wallet sweep. You will be prompted for a seed. Copy and paste the wallet you want to 'sweep' funds from. As with the password, the seed will not display on the command line.
It may take a few minutes, but when the process is complete, you will get confirmation of the funds that were swept from the target wallet, into the new wallet. You can now close the CLI by typing spc stop.
created 3/23/22 v1.0