Linux WebWallet Guide

This guide will show you how to install and setup the ScPrime WebWallet on a Linux PC. Note this guide will just go through the basics of getting it installed and up and running. Please refer to the main guide here, for a more in depth guide.
To start off we need to download the Linux WebWallet from the software page.
Once we’ve done that we have the zip file in our Downloads folder:
If we double click on that zip file we can see it contains a folder.
Click on Extract and give it a location to unzip the files to, in this case we are using our user’s home folder, /home/scprime/. If you tick Keep directory structure then it will create a folder in /home/scprime/ and then all the necessary files will be in that folder.
Now we can see we have a ‘scp-webwallet-v0.1.6-linux-amd64’ folder alongside the folder for our storage provider (note the WebWallet doesn’t need to be installed alongside a provider, it can be run on a separate PC, if running alongside a provider then it stores a separate set of metadata in ~/.scprime-webwallet by default, so it doesn’t interfere with the provider’s metadata folder).
If we go into the folder we can see the spc-webwallet file which is our executable. This may differ on different Linux distros but on Ubuntu 20.04 Desktop, you need to right click the file, go to Permissions and click the 'Allow this file to run as a program' box.
Double clicking on that file to run it brings up this window in a browser where you can select which browser you’d prefer to use for the WebWallet. We will choose Firefox here.
You will then get the following screen:
At this point, close the browser and then re-launch the app. The first time you’ll be presented with this page as the WebWallet needs to be sync’d with the blockchain, both Bootstrap or Build options will work. If you want to setup a Cold Wallet choose Cold (more about that in the main guide linked above)
Choosing Bootstrap we’ll see it downloading the consensus database which will take a few mins depending on the speed of your internet connection.
Once it’s downloaded you’ll be presented with the following 4 options:
For simply setting up a new Wallet, choose the ‘Create New Wallet’ option. That takes us to this page where we need to give the wallet a name, we’re going to use ‘Jef and Sparky’s Wallet’ and then enter a password and confirm it. Make sure to make a note of the name and password as next time opening the WebWallet you will need these details.
Then click on Create New Wallet. You’ll then see it initializing the wallet which again takes a few mins.
Once complete you’ll be presented with the main WebWallet page.
This shows you in the top left the wallet name you created, the current block height, your confirmed and unconfirmed balance, ScPrime Funds (SPF) and the Wallet Size (see main guide for more on this). The last important step to getting setup is to click on Open Menu in the top right.
And then select Recover Seed.
This will show you your wallet’s recovery seed phrase. Make sure to make a note of this and keep it safe so you are able to recover your SCP coins in the case of no longer being back to access the WebWallet on this PC for example, they can always be recovered from a new wallet using the recovery seed phrase.
For more details on the rest of the WebWallet functionality please refer to the main guide.
created 5/29/22 v1.0