Browser Wallet
ScPrime has released a browser based GUI (Graphical User Interface) wallet that is purely a wallet and doesn't have the 'hosting' aspect that the CLI or UI software has. If you're just looking for software to just send, receive, and hold your SCP, this is a good option for you.


You can download the GUI wallet from the website. (Coming soon)
Unzip and copy and paste the contents into a folder of your choice. This wallet has to be launched from the command line, so creating an easy to remember folder like ScPrime or something similar is a good idea. Open a command prompt window and navigate to where you put your scp-ui.exe, spd.exe and spc.exe files above.
Daemon loading
Wallet syncing with blockchain
Now type in scp-ui. You will see the daemon fire up and a browser window will automatically open on your desktop. If this is the first time running the wallet or you haven't ran the wallet in a while, you may see the wallet sync with the blockchain first.

Setting Up A New Wallet

In your browser, you will see the above screen. Click on Create New Wallet.
Enter a new password and confirm it and then click on Create New Wallet.
The wallet will now sync with the blockchain. This could take a while depending on the speed of your hard drive. You may need to click the Refresh button if the wallet is synced, but you're still stuck on the above screen.
Once synchronized, the first to do is to find your new wallet's seed and make a copy of it for safe keeping. To do this, click on Open Menu.
Now click on Recover Seed.
You wallet seed will be displayed. Copy this and keep it somewhere safe.

Restoring Wallet

If you already have an SCP wallet seed, you can recover it, instead of creating a new wallet by clicking Restore From Seed.
Enter a new password and then your seed and click Restore From Seed. As before you will have to sync with the blockchain.
Once fully synced, your restored wallet is ready to go.

Receiving And Sending SCP

To receive SCP into your wallet you would click on Receive Coins.
An address for the wallet will be generated.
To send coins from your wallet, click on Send Coins.
Enter the amount of SCP you want to send, the address, and then make sure SCP is selected under Type. Click Send Coins to complete the process.
You can see the new unconfirmed transaction as well as the unconfirmed delta in the wallet.
The transaction is confirmed!
When you're done with the wallet simply close the browser window and the daemon will automatically shut down.
updated 1/26/22 v1.07
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