ScPrime Storage Provider Overview


SCP Corp have designed a very robust and reliable, dedicated storage provider which is truly plug and play, needing little to no technical knowledge to setup and run. There are 2 options to purchase currently, a 16TB model and a 64TB model. The Xa-Miners require very little power, typical power draw being 40-50W.
The setup, configuration and stats visibility are all done through a simple WebGUI which works on both PC/laptop/Mac’s and mobile. The Xa-Miner only requires power and a wired internet connection with the ability to forward ports to the Miner (CG-NAT based ISP services, either fixed line or mobile based are not suitable for running a storage provider). The Xa-Miners automatically set their pricing as well as auto-updating their software, requiring no interaction by the owner.
Another important aspect of the Xa-Miners is they come with 3 years hardware warranty along with the option of buying an extended warranty to add an additional 2 years.
Xa-Miners not only are licensed to receive contracts and incentives from SCP Corp, they also include a free Full License to run a DIY provider with the same Xa-Miner GUI experience if the owner so chooses.
The upfront price of the Xa-Miners include rebates, 37.5% for the 16TB model and 42% for the 64TB model, paid back in SCP over the course of the first 12 months based on a rebate schedule. These rebate payments cover the initial collateral required to start accepting contracts as well as helps to provide a return on the initial investment in the first year while the Xa-Miner is building up an amount of stored data and the storage earnings start to increase.
The only prerequisite to receiving these rebates is the Xa-Miner needs to be kept up and online with an uptime > 95%.

DIY Providers

The alternative option available currently is running a DIY provider. The ScPrime software is available for Windows, Linux, and OSX based PC’s as well as NAS’s via Docker. As a DIY Provider, you will need to install, configure and maintain all aspects of the provider from adding new storage, updating storage settings and upgrading software to new versions. Also OS related issues like Windows Defender and Firewall, OS updates etc. are the responsibility of the user to address.
Building an equivalent DIY provider to a similar spec to an Xa-Miner plus Full License will work out to a similar or greater cost to purchasing an Xa-Miner once rebates are taken into account on the Xa-Miner.
Another important aspect of choosing to be a DIY provider is licensing. While it’s possible to run a DIY provider without a license, an unlicensed provider will not receive contracts or incentives from SCP Corp. More details can be found on the licensing FAQ.
Once a DIY Provider is setup, you will need to purchase some SCP coins to announce the provider to the network (costs a small fraction of an SCP) and also to cover collateral.
Any issues which a DIY Provider faces after setting up will be the responsibility of the user to troubleshoot and fix. Hardware issues will need to be taken up with the manufacturer or retailer they were purchased from, configuration mistakes can lead to loss of data and revenue, software upgrades need to be performed by the user etc. Small mistakes can lead to a large loss in revenue once a DIY provider has accrued a significant amount of data.

Compare Provider Choices

The following table should help you in deciding which choice of provider is best for you.
DIY Provider - Full License
Plug and Play
Low Maintenance
Low power usage
Small footprint
Full SCP Corp Support
In depth PC/Windows/Linux knowledge required

Next Steps

If you’ve chosen to order an Xa-Miner and have received it, continue to the setup guide here.
If you’ve chosen to setup a DIY Provider instead or are making use of the free license which comes with the Xa-Miner, continue here to learn more about the requirements for a DIY Provider here.
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