Storage Provider Earnings

A common question asked when a person is interested in becoming a ScPrime Storage Provider is, 'How much can I earn?' This document will address this question. The first thing to understand is there is two types of income a storage provider can earn - rent and incentives.
Note: ScPrime is a permissionless network that is built to heavily favor data storage sales via a company called Xa Net Services. This company launched January 2022, though testing data was hitting the network from the products before they went live. The community has created some calculators to determine various cost/profit models but all are based on assumptions that will not remain consistent. Our focus is on making this a profitable low power mining operation that you can earn passive income for several years to come, but today there is no possible way to know what payouts will look like as the network undergoes change.


Providers enter into smart contracts primarily with SCP, Corp for sales to business and enterprise customers. Through this contract, SCP is exchanged between the host and renter on a continuing basis until the contract is concluded. While on an Xa-Miner, pricing and other contract settings are automatic, with a 'homemade' host, costs of storage, upload and download fees, contract length, etc, are set by the provider who is encouraged to stay within guidelines set by SCP, Corp to qualify for additional incentives. As contracts conclude, rent is paid automatically as coins are released from the locked contracts to the provider.
Current recommendations for pricing are $4 USD per terabyte/month based in SCP.


While rent payouts are based on contract cycles (typically 30 day increments), incentives are paid monthly to providers for each storage instance that follows project guidelines (Xa-Miners do this automatically). Incentives serve two purposes currently; while our product is in beta, incentives supplement provider earnings when rental income is modest, and encouraging provider cost consistency as well as rewarding uptime as the network and project grow.
Current Incentives Guidelines Follow Guidelines to participate in the following Incentive programs Pricing below $4 USD per TB/mo (based in SCP) Collateral at 1x
Calculations Used Space pays 75SCP/TB/Mo (currently fixed at this rate) Continuous Time in Service Multiplier – Not Used Yet Location – Not Used Yet Performance – Not Used Yet Auditability – Not Used Yet
You'll notice there are other inventive categories that aren't used yet, but will come into play after product launch.

Provider Expectations

Currently ScPrime's product, XaNet Services, is in beta. As testing has been undertaken, data has come and gone from the network as test data is uploaded on short contracts. Testing was often paused, as the team worked to repair bugs and improve performance of the product. As we move towards flagship product launch we should see a steady increase in testing and then post launch, we hope to see a slow, but steady gain in data usage as customers are onboarded. It is important for new Storage Providers to realize you are early, and positioned well to receive data once the product goes live.
updated 9/0/22 v1.10