Licensing Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How do I buy a license?
  • In the XA-Miner online store.
Q. What license levels are available?
  • Originally Basic, Standard and Full. Due to low demand, the Standard level is being considered to be withdrawn, hence why it is showing as 'Out of Stock' at present.
Q. What is the difference between Basic and Full?
  • The Basic license will give you auto-pricing and auto re-announce features as well as put you on a level footing with XA-Miners data wise. However, the provider will still be managed via the CLI as it is currently. The Full license gives you the full GUI similar to the XA Miner’s, and adds features like financial information as well as other metrics.
Q. When do I need to buy my license by?
  • Licenses purchased by the end of April will qualify for the rebates, 100% of the Basic and 55% of the Full license, paid back one year after applying the license in SCP (for example for the Basic you will receive $99 worth of SCP at the time of the rebate being paid back to you). Licenses purchased after the end of April won’t qualify for the rebate.
Q. I’ve placed my order for the license but have not received anything yet. How is the license delivered to me?
  • Orders are being processed manually, so it can take up to a day or two. Once processed, you will receive your license key via e-mail.
Q. Now that I’ve received my license, how do I apply it?
  • For now no action is required. Full details of how to apply the license will follow over the following months.
Q. Can I continue running my DIY without a license? Why do I need to buy one? Haven’t I invested enough money in my setup already?
  • You can continue running your provider, however after the end of June you will no longer receive any data from SCP Corp. along with any incentive rewards. You may still be able to receive data from any other entities who may want to use the network to store data, however the nature of this data would be unknown. Any data SCP Corp. stores on the network through Xa Net Services is from its customers, who will have strict terms and conditions around not storing illegal material.
  • Revenue from licensing will also allow SCP Corp. to market XA-Net Services to more potential customers and allow them to produce better software and features.
Q. I have multiple providers, do I need just one license to cover them all?
  • You need one license per provider. Whether you have one PC running two providers or two PC’s running a provider on each, you need two licenses.
Q. I’ve bought an XA Miner, do I need to buy a license?
  • No, in purchasing the XA Miner you have already purchased a license. In fact each XA Miner owner will get a free DIY license as well. Details on license level and how they will be sent out will be available at a later date.
Q. Can licenses be transferred from one provider to another one?
  • Yes, licenses are fully transferable between providers.
updated 4/29/22 v1.01
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