Block 109,000 Fork Technical Issues

7/31/21 v1.2
On 11/25/2020, a hard fork occurred on the ScPrime blockchain to reset the emission of ScPrimeFunds. Exchanges and mining pool operators were notified well in advance and most updated without issue. One pool operator and one exchange failed to have version 1.5.1 operational at the fork, with miners continuing to find blocks on a shorter, legacy chain after the fork. Some technical issues have arisen from this, so this short tech support guide was created to help community members who may encounter problems post fork.

Stuck between block 109,000–109,999

The easiest way to discover if you’re not on the correct chain is to check what block you’re on. The current correct block is well past block 110,000 now, so if you’re still below that, you are most likely on the wrong chain.
Please ensure you are using UI or Command Line version 1.5.1. You can find here.
Dump consensus and transactionpool files
Deleting consensus.db and transactionpool.db and then resyncing your wallet is usually the easiest fix. See below for the locations of these files.
Once these files have been deleted, allow the wallet to resync. You can use the bootstrap file, also found on the software page, to make this process move more quickly.
Disconnect old gateways
While the procedure above should fix most issues, if you’re connected to old peers (using older software versions), then it’s a good idea to disconnect from them to ensure proper consensus. To do this, access the terminal as shown below.
Type spc gateway to see what peers you’re connected to.
If you see any version below 1.5.1, you should delete them by typing spc gateway disconnect (gateway address). For example, spc gateway disconnect Remember to only delete the peers that are not 1.5.1.