Licensing FAQ

Frequently asked questions by Storage Providers about licensing
To build out a stable and dedicated provider network, in March 2022, licenses were announced as a requirement for DIY providers to continue to receive data from SCP Corp customers along with incentives. It is important for the integrity of the data stored on the network that providers are stable, with high uptime and there is not a lot of churn of providers 'giving up' after trying it for a few months. DIY providers with licenses will put them on an even footing with Xa-Miners for receiving data although in some cases in the future where a customer segment requires more information about their storage providers, only Xa-Miner and Full License providers will be able to participate in storing that customer data.

How do I buy a license?

  • In the XA-Miner online store.

What license levels are available?

  • Basic and Full licenses.

What is the difference between Basic and Full?

  • The Basic license will give you auto-pricing and auto re-announce features as well as qualify you for incentives from SCP Corp going forwards after 1st July and protect you from having any illegal data stored on your provider. However the provider will still be managed via the CLI as it is currently. The Full license gives you the full GUI similar to the XA Miner’s GUI plus in future the ability to do KYC which may well be required by certain customer segments, qualifying Full license holders to be able to store this data which Basic license holders won’t be able to. Take a look at the Xa-Miner UI Walkthrough here to see part of the Full License benefits.

When do I need to buy my license by?

  • While there are currently no deadlines by which you need to purchase a license, any unlicensed provider will now no longer receive contracts and therefore data from SCP Corp. Any basic license purchased now will qualify for a full rebate after 12 months (paid in 2 instalments after 6 months and after 12 months assuming the provider maintains a long term uptime > 95%) paid in SCP. Existing unlicensed providers may well have already started to see contracts not being renewed and stored data amounts dropping so as an existing provider, the sooner you purchase a license the better if you plan to continue to be a provider in the network.
  • Additionally, to qualify for the rebates on the Basic and Full licenses, the licenses need to be purchased by the end of October 2022, after which time the rebate offer will end.

I’ve placed my order for the license but have not received anything yet. How is the license delivered to me?

  • Orders are being processed manually so it can take up to a day or two. Once processed you will receive your license key via e-mail. Also if you create an account on with the same e-mail used to place the order, you will see the license there once processed.

Now that I’ve received my license, how do I apply it?

  1. 2.
    Create an account if you haven't already. Make sure your account email matches the billing email of your license purchase on the Xa-Miner website.
  2. 3.
    Once signed in, navigate to the Licenses page listed on the left of the Console
  3. 4.
    The system will find your license if you correctly entered the email you used to purchase.
  4. 5.
    Begin entering your Provider ID. It requires 3 characters for auto suggest to find it, or you can paste the whole string.
  5. 6.
    Once your enter your Provider ID, verify the details are correct and continue on.

Can I continue running my DIY without a license? Why do I need to buy one? Haven’t I invested enough money in my setup already?

  • You can continue running your provider, however after the end of June you will no longer receive any data from SCP Corp. along with any incentive rewards. You may still be able to receive data from any other entities who may want to use the network to store data, however the nature of this data would be unknown. Any data SCP Corp. stores on the network through Xa Net Services is from its customers, who will have strict terms and conditions around not storing illegal material.
  • Revenue from licensing will also allow SCP Corp. to market XA-Net Services to more potential customers and allow them to produce better software and features.

Why can I no longer find my provider on Grafana?

  • Unlicensed providers are no longer shown on Grafana. Should you wish to see your provider's stats etc. then you will need to purchase at least the Basic License.

I have multiple providers, do I need just one license to cover them all?

  • You need one license per provider. Whether you have one PC running two providers or two PC’s running a provider on each, you need two licenses.

I’ve bought an XA Miner, do I need to buy a license?

  • No, in purchasing the XA Miner you have already purchased a license. In fact each XA Miner owner will get a free Basic DIY license as well. To make use of these free licenses, create an account on with the same e-mail address you used to place the order for your XA-Miner and you should see a license there with the Type Xaminer. You can then enter your DIY provider’s ID there to link the license key to it. These Basic licenses are also upgradeable to Full Licenses by purchasing the Full Version Upgrade from Xa-Miner Basic SKU from the Xa-Miner Store.

Can licenses be transferred from one provider to another one?

  • Yes, licenses are fully transferable between providers.

How can I pay for the license?

  • Credit card, Paypal, Crypto (via Coinbase Commerce), Bank Wire or Crypto directly (Bitcoin, Eth, USDC, USDT).

Why can't I buy a license with SCP?

  • SCP is a utility coin used specifically for paying providers for storage. It also cannot be used by the Corp to pay for development and marketing.

I bought a Basic license but now thinking the wise decision is to upgrade to the Full license. Can this be done?

  • Yes, upgrade SKU's are now available in the Xa-Miner Store. If you have purchased a Basic License already, this can be upgraded to the Full License by purchasing the Full Version Upgrade from Basic SKU.

How long does the license last?

  • The Basic license is a one time, lifetime license cost. The Full license might turn into a subscription model with a yearly renewal but this is still to be confirmed.

What are the rebates for licenses and how do I get them?

  • The Basic licenses come with a 100% rebate, paid back in SCP, 50% after 6 months and 50% after 12 months of registering your license in the XNS Console. You need to maintain a > 95% uptime on your provider over the 6 month period to qualify for the rebates. The Full License and the upgrades to Full from Basic come with a 55% rebate, paid back in SCP, 50% after 6 months and 50% after 12 months. If you upgraded from Basic to Full, the date the Basic license was registered is the start of the 6 months. The rebates will be paid to your provider's wallet directly.
updated 8/30/22 v1.05