Welcome to the ScPrime Documents repository. Here you will find various step by step guides, tutorials and resources relating to ScPrime.
If you're new to being a Storage Provider, the best place to start is the Getting Started section. Here you will learn more about what is required to be a Storage Provider on the ScPrime network.
Next you will want to read through the step-by-step guides for setting up a DIY Storage Provider instance in the Storage Provider Setup Setup section.
Once you're up and running, there are several tutorials and informative documents in the Storage Provider Tutorials/Documents section.
Are you a new Xa-Miner owner? The Xa-Miner section will have guides to get your unit setup.
Guides to setup and use other pieces of ScPrime software like wallets or a cold wallet generator, can be found in the Software section.
Various informative articles and tutorials that aren't exclusive to storage providing have been written over the years in regards to ScPrime. You can find them in the Information section. Please note some documents may be outdated.
A few community members have made some 'How-To' videos to help Storage Providers with some common issues and procedures. Supporting documentation for those videos can be found in the 'How-To' Video Docs section.
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