Welcome to the ScPrime Distributed Storage Provider Network. The network consists of a variety of storage providers. Click the link above to help you decide on the right choice for you. They are split into two main categories, Xa-Miners and DIY Storage Providers.


The Xa-Miner is the easiest way to become a Storage Provider. This plug-and-play device allows you to be up and running very quickly. Start here if you're an Xa-Miner owner.
Read the documents in this section FIRST to understand the basic requirements to become a DIY Storage Provider. There are extra steps involved when compared to the Xa-Miner as well as hardware requirements to consider.
Step-by-step guides to setup a DIY Storage Provider.


Tutorials covering a range of topics for Storage Providers.
Documents covering various topics about providing storage and ScPrime.
Guides covering the setup of ScPrime wallets and software.